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  • Wisdom on Wisdome - Brisbane June 19, 2023

    2 videos  |   Buy $65

    Learn how to sell your knowledge and create your own course or membership offering.
    You will walk away with a customised strategy to implement and expand your business.

    During this workshop we cover:
    - Who your audience is and what they really want
    - Why a membership or course will support yo...

  • Wisdom on Wisdome - March 2023 Summit

    9 videos  |   Buy $70

    Wisdom on Wisdome March 2023 Summit
    Over 10 hours of content + bonus material included.

    This 2 day summit is full of amazing content from 8 award winning experts.

    1. Plan out your idea/ offer/ message
    2. Understand the why’s and how’s to sharing that content you want to share
    3. Build a reputa...

  • Sam Winch & Nikki Cali - Course Creation

    2 videos  |   Buy $24.99

    Watch how Sam Winch walks you through the steps to drawing out your idea and evolving it into an amazing course!
    2 videos are packaged along with bonus content.

    Video 1 - walks you through the idea and getting it onto paper
    Video 2 - helps you evolve that idea further and even implement it into ...

  • Antonia Grimard - Nail your message

    1 video  |   Buy $9.99

    Antonia is the Founder of AOK Creative, a company helping businesses create a powerful vision and clear brand messaging. She helps her clients connect with their audience and build relationships that drive success.

    In this insightful talk, you'll discover the following:

    How to avoid hope market...