Wisdom on Wisdome - March 2023 Summit

Wisdom on Wisdome - March 2023 Summit

Wisdom on Wisdome March 2023 Summit
Over 10 hours of content + bonus material included.

This 2 day summit is full of amazing content from 8 award winning experts.

1. Plan out your idea/ offer/ message
2. Understand the why’s and how’s to sharing that content you want to share
3. Build a reputation that’ll have people knocking at your door
4. Get acknowledgement for your efforts
5. Balancing the whole reason why you do this.

Wisdom on Wisdome - March 2023 Summit
  • WoW Summit March 2023 Agenda and Activity Booklet

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  • WoW March 2023 Summit Speaker Notes

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  • WoW March 2023 Nicole Stewart Part 1

    Get ready to be inspired and energized by Nicole Stewart in this short embodiment exercise. This video will prepare you to absorb the knowledge you're about to learn by watching the Wisdom on Wisdome Summit video.

    In this insightful talk, Nicole talks about the three essential elements that con...

  • WoW March 2023 Antonia Grimard

    Antonia is the Founder of AOK Creative, a company helping businesses create a powerful vision and clear brand messaging. She helps her clients connect with their audience and build relationships that drive success.

    In this insightful talk, you'll discover the following:

    How to avoid hope marke...

  • WoW Summit March 2023 Antonia Grimard Notes

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  • WoW March 2023 Sam Winch Part 1

    Sam Winch is an expert course creator. She has over 16 years of experience facilitating courses and a decade of building courses.

    Throughout her career, Sam has worked with diverse groups such as the Australian Defence Force, Emergency Services, Government departments, and the Surf Lifesaving F...

  • Sam Winch Course Creation Workbook MV - With Wow

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  • WoW March 2023 Jules Brooke

    Jules Brooke is a dynamic and inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and author. She's widely recognized for her entrepreneurial prowess as the founder of She's The Boss Group and Handle Your Own PR.

    With a wealth of experience under her belt, Jules has made empowering women entrepreneurs her miss...

  • WoW March 2023 Jen Quirk

    Jennifer Quirk is a distinguished Business and Leadership Consultant with an impressive 30-year track record. Having collaborated with companies across the UK, Australia, and Asia Pacific, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table.
    Jen's background includes developing business strategies to ...

  • WoW March 2023 Sam and Nicole

    Take your course creation skills to the next level with invaluable advice from Sam Winch and Nikki Cali.

    In this video, Sam shares valuable tips on structuring your course content. She also discusses 'Challenge Courses' and how to use them to engage your audience.

    Additionally, Nikki dives into...

  • WoW Summit March 2023 Sam and Nikki Booklet

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  • WoW March 2023 Jenn Donovan

    Jenn Donovan, a renowned digital marketing strategist, podcaster, and thought leader, offers unique insights into effective marketing strategies.

    With over 15 years of experience running successful businesses, Jenn has developed a keen understanding of creating a thriving online community.

  • WoW March 2023 Annette Densham

    Annette Densham is a Journalist, a Grand Stevie Awards winner, Profile Building Strategist, and an Entrepreneur extraordinaire.

    Her entrepreneurial journey led her to establish the Audacious Agency, an organization dedicated to helping businesses carve out a niche while gaining the recognition t...

  • WoW March 2023 Liz Wallace

    Liz Wallace is the Digital Content Manager at Impactiv8. She helps her clients develop and launch online courses and memberships. With her expertise, Liz has provided support to ensure her clients' businesses thrive.

    In this video, Liz shares her expert advice on the following areas:

    The variou...